WallBrand is not directly selling products. Every item bought from WallBrand smartphone application follow the same process as bought on any e-commerce website. Every brand has its own delivery, return policy and contact address.

01. How do I find a specific product?

You can look for a specific product using the search bar at the top of the screen using #. Start typing #shoes for example and you will see all products containing #shoes.

02. How do I find and follow people/friend on WallBrand?

You can look for other shoppers from the search bar at the top of the screen. Please enter the shopper’s name you are looking for, go to the shopper’s profile and then click “follow”.

03. How do I find and follow brands on WallBrand?

You can look for brands from the search bar at the top of the screen. Please enter the brand name you are looking for, go to the brand’s profile and then click “follow”.

04. How do I create a wishlist?

By clicking on the the wishlist icon of every product. You can then find your wishlist in your profile.

01. Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.

02. I need to change my billing information.

In setting, top right corner of your profile.

03. How secure is my credit card information?

WallBrand process payments with Stripe, a secure PCI-DSS compliant service provider holding an E-Money Issuer (EMI) licence granted by the CSSF. We never touch your payment information or keep sensitive information. Your account will not be charged until your order is shipped.

04. What happens if I need to be refunded?

Please read the general brand policy detail on your order page. Informations about shipping, return policy and contact are displayed there.

If you have any difficulty communicating with a brand as regards your refund, WallBrand will work to resolve the issue for you. Please contact us @ help@wallbrand.co so we can work with you to get a speedy resolution.

01. How much will shipping cost me?

Every brand has its own shipping policy, the same shipping policy applied on its e-commerce platform is applied to WallBrand. Please check the brand’s general policy from your order management page.

02. Do you ship internationally?

WallBrand is in EU + UK for now. WallBrand ships according to the brand’s individual shipping policy. So it is the brand that decide where it wants to ship products. We will be available internationally soon.

03. What are the other shipping options?

WallBrand lets brands set their own shipping options, so please select which shipping option suits you.

04. What is your return policy?

Because WallBrand is a marketplace, each brand has its own return policy. Please check the return policy on the brand’s profile.

05. How do I return an item?

First check the brands return policy on the left side of the concerned brand. Follow the instructions set out by the brand you want to return your product to.

06. Did you receive my return?

Because WallBrand is a marketplace, your item is returned directly to the brand. The brand will process your refund according to their return policy.

01. Purchasing item.

As soon as you have filled in your name, delivery address and payment information, you can order any product you want.

02. When can I expect my order to arrive?

When you buy an item on WallBrand, you are placing an order directly with the brand. Every brand has its own shipping policy. You can find details of the different delivery’s policy during the checkout process.

03. Will I receive an order confirmation?

Confirmation emails from WallBrand and the brand will be in your inbox as soon as your order is completed and you will also receive a shipping notification from the brand as you normally would if you placed an order online.

04. How do I view my order history?

In your profile, by clicking in your order management page from your wishlist.

05. When will my credit card be charged?

Your account will be pending until your order is shipped, then you’ll be charged.

06. How can I cancel my order ?

You can cancel an order from your order management page inside your wishlist. Swipe left on your product to cancel it before it is shipped.

07. Can I check out with multiple items?

Of course! Every order made will appear in your order management page.

08. I need to find my order number.

You have this info in your order management page inside your wishlist and also in the corresponding email sent after your order is placed.

09. I received no confirmation email after my order was submitted. Was my order processed?

Every time you order a product, you’ll get a confirmation email from WallBrand. If you think there was a problem or you order wasn't processed, please send us an email : help@wallbrand.co

10. Can I exchange my order?

Each brand has its own return policy. You can find the return or exchange instructions on the brand’s profile.


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